Lovely Molly
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Movies: Lovely Molly Director: Eduardo Sánchez Cast: Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden, Lauren Lakis, Gretchen Lodge, Ken Arnold, Gray Ellis, Katie Foster, Daniel Ross Production Co: Amber Entertainment, Haxan Films Genres: Drama, Horror Runtime: 99 min Country: USA Release Date: 2011 

Storyline: This film is about Molly and her new husband Tim. They've moved in to Molly's deceased parents house out in the country. But not long after they move in Molly starts getting haunted by forgotten memories, or so she thought. Her husband Tim is a truck driver and while he's away she starts seeing things and hearing things that she can't explain. She slips back in to old habits, involving drugs. Her sister Hannah gets worried about Molly, as is her Pastor, and her boss notices something is up too. But there is more to what is happening than most people know. It all comes out in the most horrific way, and not everyone is safe...

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